Caring for our friends

Caring for our friends

All of you who read blogs like this love animals.  You have friends and family and acquaintances who love them.



Talk to them.  Make it a point to get water out into yards or alleys so the cats and dogs who are owned but mostly outside or who are strays will be able to find fresh water each day.  Put it near a shady spot, or close to your deck or porch as an animal will often try to escape the heat by getting close to the dirt which is cooler.

The birds all need fresh water too, even those pesky bunnies and squirrels.

Take care of yourself, call and visit the elderly and shut-ins who may be suffering in the heat.  Bring over fresh water, fresh fruit, sherbert so they will have something available to help them cool down.

No running for exercise no matter how your dog begs.  If you notice heat distress stop at the nearest lake or pond and get your dog into the water for a prolonged period of time.  Stop at a home and ask if you can turn their hose on and cool your dog off that way.  Call to have someone bring a towel to protect the back seat and bring you home in a vehicle.  Check with your vet.

A child’s rigid plastic swimming pool filled with some water is a good place for a dog to have a change of pace with a few toys.

And, of course, it is nearly the 4th of July.  Protect your dog or cat who is sensitive to the noise by keeping them in a room that is relatively sound proof, has a place to hide and staying with them if possible.  A radio on  low with quiet music playing may distract, a fan’s rhythmic noise may also help.  Thundershirts makes life better for many.

Take care of yourself and all those you love –