Chocolate’s Sweet Journey Home

Chocolate’s Sweet Journey Home


Chocolate stole the hearts of many at Pet Haven with one single, solitary photo [above: top left].

This 10-year-old boy was in desperate need of rescue from an overcrowded shelter in Texas. Not only was he a senior, he had a myriad of medical issues as well as being heartworm positive.

One of our fosters stepped up quickly and upon his arrival in Minnesota, we saw just how in need he was. His tail looked broken (maybe in two spots), he was coughing, he had a runny nose, his eyes were weepy, his coat was dull, he had a lot of hair loss, and you could smell his ears from a mile away.

We immediately got Chocolate into the vet to be examined, vaccinated, and started on many, many antibiotics and medications, as well as prepping for his heartworm treatment.

Chocolate put up with getting 8 pills a day plus ear medication (which he hated) and eye medication (which he also hated). Thankfully Chocolate loves cheese! His eyes started to clear up, his sneezing and coughing went away, and he started growing hair back!

The senior was in RUFF shape but he maintained an amazing attitude and sweet personality through it all!

We thought for sure that Chocolate was going to be with us for months before finding his family. Boy, were we wrong!

Three days after being posted for adoption, he received quite possibly the perfect application EVER. Applicants Jon and Harry exclusively adopt seniors with varying medical needs. It was a match made in heaven!

Chocolate was adopted just after the 4th of July – a happy independence day for all! Suited up with a new name (Coco), he begins his new life full of love, care, and family.