It’s been a year since Comma came to Pet Haven.   She had two baby boys last Easter and here it is, Easter time again!

The boys were adopted – together!  They were black and white like she is.




Comma was surrendered at Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue so she had known people before but she is a cautious girl who hopes to find a quieter home with a woman to love her.

She has frostbite damage to her ear tips – they are white and the skin is thicker.  She had been an outside cat much of the time and had hunted for food, water and shelter – sometimes more successfully than others, undoubtedly.





Comma has another cat and a dog in her foster home.  They all get along fine and she loves to tease the pooch by sleeping in her bed!  She remains shy of the man in the foster home but loves the woman.  It took her awhile but she loves to snuggle, LOVES to eat (her weight is being watched for her!) and enjoys the safety and security of being an inside girl.  She would probably  have a hard time adjusting to an apartment where there were noises in the halls, upstairs and downstairs.




We’re hoping this loving girl will soon get the chance to have a safe and secure home!  Tell others about Comma, please!