Daisy’s Excellent Adventure- A Community Rallies

Daisy’s Excellent Adventure- A Community Rallies

If you have ever lost a pet you know how stressful and heartbreaking it can be.

Imagine adopting a new pup and thinking you have done everything to keep her safe during the transition into the new home and she surprises you by jumping a tall fence!

This is the story of Angelina nka Daisey and her journey to family and a home of her own.

Daisy did not have a great start to her life. She was found in a trailer park abandoned and chained up to a fence. She was emaciated, full of parasites, incredibly shy and shut down, and very sick. She was brought to a rural shelter in South Carolina near where she was found and there she began her journey to a better life. This rural shelter nursed her back to health and tried to find a family for her but they have an extremely low adoption rate. They wanted Daisy to have a chance at a better life and reached out to a transport partner from Minnesota called Mutt Mutt Engine. While the shelter staff adored Daisy they knew she did not have a chance at adoption. They knew the trip up to Minnesota would be stressful on her but they also knew this was truly her only chance at a better life.


So on a very cold winter day, Daisy made her way from South Carolina to the Twin Cities of Minnesota.



She was so scared she wouldn’t walk to the car……

Once in Foster Care, she was given a decompression room so she could adjust slowly to her new life. At Pet Haven, we make sure we promote emotional health as well as physical. Daisey learned to trust, enjoy the North, and blossom!



Daisey’s fosters took things slow, built trust with her, and taught her to love the snow.


She started to thrive, play, and be excited about new adventures. A far ways away from where she started. The time had come for her to be placed up for adoption and find her forever family!



Daisey’s Fosters chose her new family carefully. They visited the home several times. Being that Daisey was shy and had been very fearful they wanted to make sure she felt safe and trusted her new family. The adoptive family also had another dog and as part of our policy, we do slow introductions with resident animals to make sure the adoption is the best fit. We also ensure all new dog safety protocols are followed when we adopt a new pet out.

Sometimes no matter how careful we are accidents happen. Daisey went out into her new yard with her brother pup, got spooked, jumped the fence, and ran!



That’s when a community rallied. A neighborhood came together posted sightings, put food out, went out on foot to support her to be found. A Pet Haven Volunteer who also volunteers at Lost K9 got the message out fast and they started tracing Daisey. A trap was being set based on the frequent sighting in one area.





After a 24-hour stressful adventure, including falling through a lake and getting herself out while volunteers were trying to get to her, she decided after 24 hours, it was better to go back to her new home and get warm!!
This time she opted to dig under the fence rather than jump over it!
Her foster Mom went to the adopter’s home early that morning to start looking for her again and Daisy ran right up to her!!
Daisey’s adventure started at 7 AM jumping the fence of her new home and ended at 7 AM the next day with her crawling back under the same fence!
We are so grateful and frankly in tears over this good news.
We are deeply grateful to everyone who cared and shared to help keep eye on this pup. Also a big thank you to Lost K9 and the team of volunteers that kept an eye on her helped keep her safe!
Welcome home, Daisy. Now stay put!!
Contended Pet Haven Pup Safe in Her Forever Home.