Goku Gets a Second Chance to Shine and Finds Family!

Goku Gets a Second Chance to Shine and Finds Family!

The story begins here, with a fear-reactive dog in a shelter set for euthanasia. There are estimated nearly 400,000 dogs are euthanized in shelters and this does not include owner-requested euthanasia for behavior.

At Pet Haven, we are doing our part to reduce that number. We work directly with shelters to remove at-risk dogs and cats placing them in experienced foster homes where behavioral rehabilitation and healing trauma can begin.

We carefully evaluate each pet’s needs and learning style. We take things slowly and allow these special pets to have the time they need to build the trust and confidence it takes to be free of fear. If a dog needs more support than we can offer through our foster program and in-house behavioral work we reach out to our partners for help.

Goku is one such dog that needed the support of a community.

Brought up from an Oklahoma animal shelter during the height of the ‘Covid puppy’ craze in 2020, he was adopted out in MN by another local foster-based rescue as an adolescent pup. The home was not a good fit for his energy needs and socialization history, which resulted in a dog-to-dog bite, and due to this, the rescue would not consider taking him back. He was rehomed privately two more times in the next 6 months, with each transition wearing on his emotional well-being. Finally, his third Minnesota owner surrendered him to our local shelter partner, Minneapolis Animal Care and Control.
At less than 2 years old had already lived a minimum of 5 places. The insecurity and anxiety that grew in him as a result of not having stability is common. We see it a lot in the rescue community. This and can be modified with a commitment to providing a stable environment and behavioral rehabilitation work.


Walking past people with no reaction may not seem like a big accomplishment but for a dog that has severe reactivity, this is huge progress to becoming a confident pup that can navigate the world without fear.

We are so proud of Goku and grateful for the work his advocate and trainer has done with him.



Through our partnership with Fun Fur Pets and their Second Chance to Shine program Goku was given the time he needed to learn how to become confident and less reactive. We are excited to say Goku has been adopted into an amazing home where he will be loved and cherished. Helping a behavioral needs dog is work but it is work so worth doing. There is a deep satisfaction in knowing a life has been saved and changed forever for the better.

After 18 months in our care, Goku is finally HOME. 

We want to thank all the people along the way that have impacted Goku positively and been the building blocks for him to become his best self and SHINE!

Learn more about Goku HERE



From Phonda Pichner Goku’s Trainer at the Second Chance to Shine Program: Goku was so much fun to work with! With me as his trainer/ Pack Leader, he gained trust with me and eventually got to be calm and therefore lessened his reactivity to humans and high prey. Goku grew a lot in his training from being high-energy to the end result of learning to be calm. He is truly a gem, a very special pup♥️
Thank you Rhonda for the dedication to Goku so he could become his best self!
If you are interested in learning more about the Pet Haven Behavioral Rehabilitation Program click HERE and check out our partner’s page for a list of trainers and behaviorists we work with to change lives!
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