Happy Tails

Happy Tails

Recently the cat division found homes for what most of us considered harder-to-place cats.

Gwen came in with her babies last summer.  She may have known people as a young kitten but was very shy and fearful once inside with a loving foster family.  Gradually she became more confident but was still hesitant about receiving attention at times and spooked at sudden noises.  She’s been adopted and is starting to explore.  Her adopter has worked with shy cats before and loved her gentleness and l-o-n-g hair!





Big Boy Wonka was returned to Pet Haven last summer.  He was a problem in the adoptive home, having lived there since he was a kitten.   We learned a lot about him once he came back to us – including that he would lick, chew and eat almost any form of plastic.  Maybe you read about him on Facebook?  He was the ‘Paper or Plastic’ choice as he has to be protected from all forms of plastic so he won’t block his tummy with that foreign stuff.  He is a large fellow but was put on a diet and was at least 2# lighter when he was adopted.  We were told he didn’t get along with another cat but he and Anja could be good buddies so he enjoyed a cat friend in his foster home.  He loves high places – top of the frig, bookcase, entertainment center and cupboards were all easy places to find him!  And he is a great head-butter.  He’s fed a canned diet with lots of water added as he had a urinary blockage at one time with his original owner.  This works very well for him and he found a home with a couple of fellows who  thought, “Big, black cats are under-adopted”.  His new name is Baptiste.




We’re always happy when a family finds the right cat and the cat finds the right family and sometimes it seems there is additional room for celebrating!


Don’t forget that Handsome Henry is at Chuck and Don’s in Highland Park St Paul.  If you love the long haired lap cats, you’re in for a treat by visiting him!


Henry 2