Issa goes to visit

Issa goes to visit

Issa is a cute little brown tabby girl who has some torti in her too so she has orange sprinkled throughout her coat.




Don’t be fooled by this adorable pose – much of the time Issa is up and playing around – toys, sunshine, running laps, getting together with another cat or kitten who is being too lazy!

This little girl is full of energy and wishes to have another playful cat or kitten or dog in her home so she has a companion to frolic with!  She’s also full of people love and comes for a nice snuggle too.

She’s presently visiting Chuck and Don’s in Highland.  Stop by and visit with her, consider adopting her or mention her to friends or family who might be looking for an additional pet in their home!

You can find an adoption application here as well as see pictures and bios of the cats and kittens we have available for adoption.

Check out our website to find events Pet Haven is involved in, pictures and bios of adoptable dogs and cats and read a few Happy Tails.


Adoptions have slowed for the summer.  This is a normal event but it isn’t one we like to have happen.  There are so many cats and dogs who need to get out of their current situation desperately!  Reach out to others who might consider having a lifelong companion in their lives.  We all know we can’t save every animal but every animal we save has their whole world changed.

Each  of us has the ability to make change.  We, the volunteers at Pet Haven, hope you can join us by reaching out to others to consider adoption, spreading the word, by volunteering where you can, helping with fliers, fund raising, donating time and talent as well as funds.  Working together we can make a difference.