July Adoptions To Celebrate!

July Adoptions To Celebrate!


Congratulations to the 58 Pet Haven Pets that found home in the month of July!

13 dashing dogs: Lulu, Freeway, Pops, Curly, Trooper, Zara, Betty, Dot, Kerry, Rosco, Maureen, Spike, Ivy

45 charming cats: Rousey, Camilla, Amelia, Whiskey, Zoey, Biscuit, Livi, Peeve, Godiva, Love, Mika, Caliente, Cooper, Charcoal, Whopper, Thumper, Boris, Cadbury, Hershey, Gaia, Tilikum, Honeybunch, Callie, Meringue, Porkchop, Winter, Hal, Ellie, Orion, Obsa, Dorian Grey, Bliis, James, Harper, Waffle, Shortcake, Purrfessor X, Monty, Boze, Gerdie, Perch, Shrimp, Chip, Oreo, Monkey

Thank you to our volunteers that help make these matches happen and create families. We could not do what we do without them!

Check out our adorable adoptables HERE!