June Adoptions to Celebrate!

June Adoptions to Celebrate!

We had another incredible record-breaking month of adoptions in June! Congratulations to the 81 Pet Haven Pets that found their forever families! We are so thrilled to be part of something joyful and helping families to grow!

55 Felines found forever families:

Geno, Rusty, Gigi, Pierre, Ferb, Hooch, Charlene, Mackenzie, Saffron, Meegan, Lucy, Onyx, Bryon, Ares, ET, Drago, Crosby, Astaire, Ripley, Teddy, Diamond, Captain Crunch, Apple Jacks, Honeycomb, Alan, Washburne, Diamond, Ariana, Buster, Harrison, Mario, Bowser, Birdie, Goldie, Phillipe, Peach, Mandi, Blaire, Tiger Woods, Caddy, Toby, Wren, Polly, Poppins, Raven, Neptune, Tucker, Ralph, Amber Rose, Oliver, Augustus, Henry, Cali, Lucille, and Nathan.

26 Totally adorable pups found their forever families:

Chip nka Boston, Brooks, Jessie nka Chubbie, Babs nka Reba, Barbie nka Beatrice, Scrappy nka Atticus, Lola, Menchi nka Melley, Oreo nka Reo, Violet, Victor nka Gnar Gnar, Vera, Vinny, Red, Bingo, Guinness nka Yumi, Dogfish nka Charlotte, Monkey nka Gilbert, Chuey nka Chewie, Tatum, Willy, Bobbi nka Leo, Sylvester nka Walter, Chaos, Delilah, Marceline aka Mercy!