Lucky Penny: Brutal honesty may get her adopted??

Lucky Penny: Brutal honesty may get her adopted??

Penny has been in foster care for months. No matter what we have done to promote this pipsqueak, potential adopters have run the other direction when finding out about some of her (ahem….) “quirks.”

So Pet Haven decided that it was time to lay it on the line and create a profile for her that was upfront and brutally honest. We had a fun time with this one, too, and we hope you get a laugh!


“Penny is 6 years old, 6 pounds, and has had at least 6 people apply for her who decided she wasn’t their girl. Let us tell you why.

We’ll be honest. Penny is a bit of a nutcase. Like many humans, she doesn’t like people in her bubble. And she lets them know by growling. And snapping. And being, basically, socially awkward and crazy-pants. Typical Chihuahua behavior, some might say.

She also really likes her stuff. And by “her stuff” we mean, if you try to take things away from her, she’ll resist. Like full-on Che Guevara resistance. All she needs is the beret.

Did we mention that Penny also has a heart murmur? Yep, she does.

On the positive side, Penny does love her some walks and fetch-time. Show her the leash and you’ll see a happy dog dance. Give her a toy and she’ll show you some fun-time.

And she’s a peach in the car – it makes her sleepy and she settles in for a nap. Penny is also pretty good with visiting kids, but she doesn’t want them in her house 24/7, if you know what we mean.

Yet even with her challenges, or maybe because of them, Penny is perfect for the right (child and dog free) home.

Somewhere out there is someone whose life will be better with Penny, and god love you for it! Someone that she’ll make laugh every day and someone whose lap she’ll keep warm. We’re going to find that person. And they’ll be so happy when we do.

Until then, it’s probably best not to pet Penny if she doesn’t know you. At least if you want to keep your fingers intact.”


View Penny’s profile here