Rumor – looking for a home

Rumor – looking for a home

Rumor is a cute, spotted girl!  She was surrendered at another shelter and came to Pet Haven when she wasn’t catching anyone’s eyes.

Are you looking for a dog you can interact with?  Who will always greet you with a smile on her face and be happy to see you?

That’s Rumor.


Rumor is working hard on her potty training, she still needs to be watched to see that she gets out on a regular schedule.  That’s one of your jobs.


She’s also working on not jumping up on folks.  She’s SO-O-O-O happy to see you she just dances a jig.  She would love the activity of having children in her family but upper grade school and older are probably best so they can withstand all that loving she has to share.


Fenced yard?  She’d love it.  She has energy to burn and sometimes even forgets, at first, to go potty when she goes outside because she just has to  make laps and laps around the year.


Toys?  She’s beginning to realize what they are and that they are fun to play with.  Loves to chew on her hard bones and soft treats are a favorite.


Exercise?  Would you like a dog who would run with you?  That you could take on walks a couple times a day?   Agility or fly ball training should be high on Rumor’s bucket list.  She’s very smart and really wants to please you.


Fill out a dog adoption application, arrange to meet her at an adoption or for a meet and greet somewhere else.  She’s a beautiful girl with lots of love to share.  Did you notice she has one blue eye and one brown eye?