Tag: rehabilitation

Tag: rehabilitation

Moving towards adoption

Cinder came to Pet Haven from Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue.  She’s about 8 months old and has a badly damaged foot because she doesn’t walk on the pad but the top of the foot drags on the ground – ouch! No broken bones were seen on x ray, she may have nerve damage.  This week … Continued

Miss Tibbles

Perhaps you saw on our Facebook page a little note about Miss Tibbles coming to Pet Haven.   She’s working on healing – it is a big job when you’ve been an outside girl for most of the 9 months of your life and have received food on an irregular basis. We’re learning things about … Continued

Chip, Cisco and Bonnie

Chip and Cisco are boys we think are brothers.  They came into another shelter together and have been fostered in the same  Pet Haven foster home for a number of months now.  When they came to us they were underweight and had rough coats.  Time passed with more dewormings, and all the other vet care, … Continued

Rehab II: Sunny

Because of donors like you, Pet Haven is able to take in cats and dogs who need to have extensive vet work done.     Sunny is a case in point.  This fellow  has a ‘sunny’ disposition and has been in foster care since the end of December 2014 and has recently begun his journey … Continued