Tesha’s Road to Recovery

Tesha’s Road to Recovery

Her name was “Abandoned Girl.”

A local rescue partner sent her picture to Pet Haven and asked for help. She had been brought to a vet clinic by a good Samaritan in rural Kentucky with a broken pelvis and fractured leg in mid-May. Three weeks later, no one had claimed her and her time was up. If a rescue didn’t accept her into foster care, she would be euthanized.

Fosters at Pet Haven said, “Bring her to us. We will foster her.”

She arrived on Saturday so scared she wouldn’t walk when brought out of her crate. She soiled herself and her leg is in desperate need of medical care, which she is now getting.

Abandoned no more, her new name is Tesha, which translates to “survivor” in Hindi.

She is safe now. Resting. Bathed. Loved.

Her name was “Abandoned Girl” and she is home.


Tesha Story by Katrina and Drew, Pet Haven fosters for Tesha:

“Today, my heart broke for a little white dog dubbed “Abandoned Girl.”  When she arrived in Minnesota, she wouldn’t come out of the kennel – I had to pull her out. When I tried to get her to walk, she was so scared that she hid behind the line of kennels. I lifted her up and started carrying her to the car, she immediately started peeing in fear. We got halfway to the car and I set her down so she had the opportunity to do any business she needed to do before her car ride into foster care. That’s when I noticed her leg. We knew she had a broken leg – but it was supposed to heal by itself according to her records. It’s literally dangling behind her as she walks. She cannot step on it, because it goes sideways if she tries. This girl’s leg is completely mangled and it is likely she will need to have it amputated. When we got home she was immediately given a bath. To keep her from scurrying around the bathtub and moving her leg around (in a really jarring and unnatural way), I got into the bath with her. She licked me and rested her head on my shoulder while we washed the gunk and flea residue off of her. How did such a sweetie end up in such an awful situation?

Before “Abandoned Girl” got here, Drew had decided on naming her “Tesha” which is Hindi for “survivor”. I’m glad she has that name – because while she has a lot of strength in her, she’s going to need a lot more in the coming weeks. We found out shortly after we had agreed to foster her that she was going to be euthanized on the same day we made the foster commitment. We got to her right in time… and we feel like it was meant to be. Again – this little lady is a SWEETHEART.

I cannot wait to see how she progresses – if she’s already this sweet now – imagine how wonderful of a dog she is going to be once she’s not in constant pain.

We are going to find her a wonderful home.

Until then, welcome to foster care little lady – get ready to see just how good life can be.


More Tesha updates (6/18):

Over the weekend, the amazing vets at Access Veterinary Care completed surgery on Tesha’s leg.

Due to the extent of the damages, she did lose her leg. But once Tesha is healed, the days of enduring life in pain will be forgotten.

She’s now learning to navigate her world on 3 legs and is a real trooper!

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