Volunteer Driven for 70 Years!

Volunteer Driven for 70 Years!


While we do have a small staff of 4 at Pet Haven, we are primarily volunteer-driven. Why is this so important and what does this mean for you? It is important because you can be assured your donation of support goes to where you want it to go….Rescued Pets!

With over 450 volunteers from fosters, to transport, to the events team, administrative help, and everything in between, we ran a conservative calculation on what it would cost the organization to employ our key volunteers.

The numbers are humbling. We are extremely grateful for the gift of time our volunteers give so generously to help more pets in crisis. We could not do what we do without them!


See the conservative calculations below, they are inspiring!


Annual savings cost= $301,860.00

Total volunteer hours gifted per week = 387

Cost of volunteer hours (assuming $15/hr) = $5,805

Cat Division
Owner Surrender- 15 hours (5 people)= 75
Adoption- 14 hours (2 person)= 28
Foster Mentor- 2 hours (10 people)= 20
Division Manager- 15 hours (1 person)= 15
Feline Project Manager- 3 hours (1 person)=3
Foster- 5 hours (1 person)=5
Total= 132  hours


Dog Division
Owner Surrender- 10 hours per week (2 person)= 20
Adoption- 10 hours (2 person)= 20
Division Manager- 10 hours (1 person)= 10
Foster Mentor- 2 hours (7 people)= 14
Foster- 5 hours (1 person)=5
Total= 69 hours


Cross Functional Support
Events- 3 hours (3 people)= 9 
Volunteer- 2 hours (2 people)=4
Supplies- 4 hours (3 hr coordinator, 1 hr open shed)= 4
Vetting- 25 hours (5 people)= 125
Intake- 4 hours (9 people)= 36
Records/ post adoption- 2 hours (2 people)=4
Respite- 2 hours (2 people)=4 
Total= 186 hours

Because of our dedicated staff and generous volunteers, Pet Haven is able to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome over 800 pets a year!  when you donate to Pet Haven, you can trust your dollars are going where they are needed most. Where you want them to go. To our rescued pets. Your donations go towards standard and non-standard medical care, behavior rehabilitation, quality nutrition, enrichment, and whatever our foster pets may need to improve their lives and help them find home. 

At Pet Haven, every pet is family!

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