We Say Good-bye to a Special Family Member, Zipper.

We Say Good-bye to a Special Family Member, Zipper.


Zipper found his way to Pet Haven on November 29th, 2021. He was brought to a clinic to be euthanized due to the owner’s inability to care for him. The clinic staff reached out to our Executive Director and Zipper was quickly accepted into our Foster Program. He arrived crusty, crabby, and pretty matted. We knew he was a unique guy and would need a patient hand, we just didn’t know at that time how much he would touch all of our lives at Pet Haven.

Zipper was adopted in February of 2022 and was returned in June due to not practicing appropriate litterbox habits in the home. Once a Pet Haven Pet always a Pet Haven Pet. Zipper came to stay at our new facility while we looked for a more permanent foster for him. As time passed we began to realize two things.

One he LOVED being at the Pet Haven HQ and became quite the Mr. Personality Plus. People would stop by just to see the Zip Zip. He quickly became our little grumpy mascot.

Two, he had a heart condition and liver disease. Zipper’s time with us would be limited so we decided to let him stay where he was happy, well cared for, and loved.

Our Executive Director and Zipper had a very close bond. Sometimes he would go with her to “the cabin” where he would get snuggle time and take long walks in the woods with her.

We didn’t have Zipper long but he left a lasting impact on us and he is deeply missed. We are grateful to be able to offer a special care to those who need it through our Hospice Program and the Rainbow fund which helps provide support for medical needs these pets often have.

Thank you to everyone who has supported the Rainbow Fund and loved Zipper as much as we do. His memory and spirit will always be with us.

Rest easy Zipper. You are loved.
Our Rainbow Fund allows us to take in and care for pets that have medical challenges and few options in their senior years. Please consider making a tax deductible gift to our Rainbow fund and the pets that need that extra care, time, and love we give them.