Tag: special needs

Tag: special needs


What does that mean to you? Merriam Webster dictionary provides this:   The action or process of rehabilitating or of being rehabilitated: as a :  the physical restoration of a sick or disabled person by therapeutic measures and reeducation to participation in the activities of a normal life within the limitations of the person’s physical … Continued

Redby update

Redby continues to heal from his broken back legs.      If you remember, he was run over by his distraught owner who then surrendered him at a spay neuter clinic in Red Lake.  Poor Redby was in shock and a significant  amount of pain and was given pain medications and taken to a local … Continued

A bad day? Yes, but a good day at week’s end

  Early in the week of Aug. 22 a spay/neuter clinic was being held at Red Lake.  Pet Haven was one of several groups sponsoring it with many volunteers along to help, some from Pet Haven, others from various groups.  There is an early morning rush of dogs and cats coming in with owners; to … Continued

Getting to know Beanie

Beanie came to Pet Haven recently.  She was surrendered awhile ago at Red Lake and was picked on by the larger dogs but was not always willing to go into a kennel where the door could be shut and she would be safe. Now she’s finding out what city life is all about and we’re … Continued